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Licensure efforts: past & present

Present: After Covid-19 forced regression and stagnation, GTRA seeks to regain prior momentum. Next steps include acquiring a new bill sponsor, reintroducing and numerating the bill for the fiscal year, and garnering the support of state congress representatives. In sum, we need support in numbers and knowledge to speak with or write to legislators, organize and attend events at the capitol, and collaborate with relevant state contacts.

May 2020

GTRA was notified that Georgia Southern University's Recreational Therapy program would imminently dissolve, impacting the prospective flow of RT interns and providers in the state of Georgia and, ultimately, impacting licensure efforts as census of RT providers matters.

March 13, 2020

The Georgia General Assembly suspended the 2020 legislative session indefinitely due to COVID-19 shutdowns. GTRA has been in communication with Rep. Tankersley regarding HB 704, and it was still unknown when the General Assembly would reconvene.

February 28, 2020

GTRA members convened for Recreational Therapy Month for a Day at the Capital. The licensure bill was "in the hopper" - on the schedule to be introduced for a vote.

October 3, 2019

After presenting extensive justification of need, examples of harm, and letters of support to further our cause, the Georgia Occupational Regulation Review Council (GORRC) voted in favor of requiring regulation of the Recreational Therapy profession in the state of Georgia. However, in efforts to support the widespread budget cuts within the state government, GORRC’s official recommendation was to have RT “be regulated as a sub-license, certificate, or registration of the Georgia State Board of Occupational Therapy, and that a certified recreational therapist may be added to sit on the board.” This recommendation is in contrast to what is currently written in HB 704. According to GORRC, having Recreational Therapy regulations fall under another occupation’s review board as opposed to establishing a new Recreational Therapy regulation board would save the state of Georgia an estimated $200,000.  

GTRA pushed forward with efforts toward getting support for HB 704 as it is currently written. We are not supportive of the recommendation for Recreational Therapy regulations to be overseen by another profession. We feel this is inappropriate and will ultimately be ineffective for protecting the public from potential harm.

August 30, 2017

GTRA gained legislative support and began process of bill writing, coordinating with other states who successfully passed licensure, and networking with Georgia RT organizations for further support.


Reinstated Georgia's ATRA State Chapter, GTRA.

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